Aromatic Infusions Trifold Brochure


This tri fold brochure design is part of a larger marketing campaign and creative branding overhaul. We took an existing brochure they had and revamped and reworked it to be more concise, visually appealing and portray information about CBD in clear, readable manner.

One of our goals when making a trifold brochure is to make sure the information presented is well readable, not too much content and visually attractive. We also created more custom brochures for the client as part of their overall brand strategy, which included: graphic design, website design, shopify development & content development


About the Design Client

Aromatic Infusions is a CBD distillery located in Youngsville, LA. They provide pure, natural, essential oils that offer their customers therapeutic and health benefits. 


September 18, 2020

Project Title

Aromatic Infusions Trifold Brochure


Brochure Design, Graphic Design
Brochure Design  Aromatic Infusions
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