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How to Respond to Negative Reviews for Your Locksmith Business

Locksmith clients frequently ask us about the best approach for responding to reviews. Should you ignore negative reviews or respond to them? What is the perfect, most appropriate response to a negative review?


Responding to Negativity Online


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Future customers will inevitably see negative feedback about your business online. However, the majority of people would rather see a negative review with a response from a business owner than a negative review with zero response.


Responding to negativity shows that you value customer service, appreciate their insight, and are devoted to building relationships with your buyers.


Follow our 5-step checklist when responding to negative reviews:

1. Address the customer by name
2. Thank the customer for providing feedback
3. Apologize for the specific complaint
4. Reassure that your team has been notified and is working on the issue
5. Encourage future business

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Remember to try and fight the urge to make excuses or try and explain "what REALLY happened" to an unhappy customer. Your ultimate goal in responding to negative reviews should be to prove that you genuinely care about customer feedback and experience.


Are Positive Reviews Worth a Response?

Responding to positive reviews may not seem as necessary as taking care of negative reviews, but it's still a great chance to engage with your customers. Again, you're proving as a business owner that you value feedback!


For positive reviews, thank the customer (by name) for taking the time to leave a review. Then you can mention how integral customer satisfaction is for you or your team. Wrap it up by promoting an ongoing relationship with the customer and encouraging future business.


“Daniel, thanks for taking the time to leave a review. Customer service is our priority, so I’m delighted to hear about this awesome experience with our team. We look forward to being there for you again in the future!”




Responding to reviews can make a significant impact on the way you're perceived by potential customers online. We hope this insight has provided you with the confidence to take charge of your online reputation and build a stronger relationship with your customers.


Do you have reviews that you've neglected out of fear of not knowing how to respond? Use our 5-step approach to craft stronger, more confident responses, and improve your digital presence!


For more information on how your reputation management can be optimized, contact us for a free consultation with our team!

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