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3 Ways to Appeal to Property Managers

Prop Mgrs

Not all leads are created equally, which is why property managers require a different action plan than other B2C customers. Teamwork is sharing our top 3 strategies that you can start implementing TODAY to appeal to facility and property managers.


Ready to start generating more property manager leads?

Let's start by defining exactly what we mean by "lead". A lead is a person who has indicated some level of interest in your company’s products or services. The person’s interest may be conveyed through direct communication with your company, such as a call or an email, or through indirect communication such as a form fill, landing page visit, or call-to-action conversion.

So what is the difference between a visitor and a lead? A visitor simply discovers your company’s presence or resources, whereas a lead expresses interest in some way, shape, or form.


With a clear definition of a lead in mind, it’s time to focus on lead generation.

Lead generation is defined as the process of attracting and converting visitors, prospects, and strangers into leads. When generating leads, there is one primary goal: placing prospects on the path to eventually converting and purchasing from your company. Providing visitors and prospects with enough educational content and value offerings inevitably will warm up potential customers to your brand.


While leads typically can be generated organically, industry-leading companies take a proactive approach. Think of it this way: Can you ever really have too many people interested in your company? Even if you’re content with your business’s performance, it makes sense to seek out more leads to drive up your bottom line if you have the time, staff, and resources.


Don't waste time trying to attract property manager leads with a sloppy approach. Start with these simple basics that will have you on the right track:


 1. Optimize Your Website & Landing Pages

Not only does a site's mobile design play a huge factor in its search rankings, but it can also be the MAIN factor when it comes to being considered for doing business. 

Mobile Optimization 1

More than half of internet searchers are using their smartphone instead of a desktop, and they're impatient enough to click off if a site is hard to navigate.

According to Hubspot, 57% of all mobile users will not recommend a business if their mobile website is poorly designed or unresponsive. Ouch.


2. Get Personal for Email Blasts

Busy property managers receive a large number of emails daily, so it's critical that your message stands out. Personalization is necessary when trying to get someone's attention in a busy inbox.

Personalized Email 

Keep in mind that speaking on a first-name basis isn't always enough. Newsletters should include multiple personal components throughout, each message reading as if explicitly written for them.


3. Shift to Highly-Targeted Ads

Modern consumers expect ads to be relevant to their interests, search history or behavior, and rightfully so! For business owners, incorrectly targeting ads can result in a wasted budget and hundreds of missed opportunities. The best place to start with ad targeting is to make sure you understand your audience.


For property managers, research what they're searching for, when they're online, and where they're looking for information. Once you have a good idea of who your ideal target is, you'll be able to create better messaging and images that will garner more attention.




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