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5 Reasons Why User-Generated Content is Crucial to Your Online Strategy

The continuing rise of online usage among all age groups has introduced User Generated Content (UGC) as a source of content marketing. If you have ever written a review, shared a hashtag, or commented on a post, you have participated in User Generated Content.


Think about what motivates you to join in online conversations. Most users write a review or post a comment because of an emotional reaction to something; this reaction can be excitement, anger, curiosity, etc. Now that you understand the prevalence of UGC, it's time to focus on making it a cornerstone of YOUR digital strategy!

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What Qualifies Content as User-Generated?

User-generated content is any content that has been created by unpaid contributors, such as your customers (think of them as fans). UGC can be pictures, videos, testimonials, tweets, comments, blog posts, and more. This content is typically created or uploaded online, where it is easily viewable and shareable by users.


5 Reasons Why User-Generated Content is Crucial to Your Online Strategy


1. Nurture An Environment of Authenticity and Transparency

Something that drives every relationship (business or personal) is trust. Successful relationships build upon honesty, and companies need to prioritize trust-building with their audience. UGC helps to promote an environment of trust. Whether it's reviews, testimonials, or social media posts, customers will trust other customer's opinions and experiences with your business.


Having a platform for users to explore and share experiences creates an environment of authentic interactions, transparent reviews, and a value of trust. Consumers are now researching the reviews and experiences of a product or service rather than just taking a company's word for it. Word-of-mouth is still one of the top preferred methods of research when it comes to choosing a brand.

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Real accounts + real experiences = more authenticity & credibility. 


2. Improve Your SEO value

Successful website developers know that fresh, engaging content is a sure-fire way to help drive traffic. Great content is the livelihood of any business's online presence and is a crucial aspect of our online experience.


Think about it: the internet would virtually grind to a halt without a steady flow of new content.


UGC is an excellent solution for a steady stream of rich content. It allows search engines to see that your site is active and providing valuable services to your customers. UGC also gives you the phrases and keywords that your customer base is using, which will help to improve your keyword optimization research.


Not only does UGC create observable data that can enhance your SEO, but it also has a proven success rate. According to MarketingSherpa, UGC is one of the most effective tactics for improving your website's SEO. There's no doubt that UGC will set your website apart from sites without customer reviews, comments, and other types of user-generated content.


3. Gain a Better Understanding of your Target Audience

Today's consumers want an effortless, personalized user experience. They request that marketing efforts are tailored precisely to their wants and needs. However, knowing the unique details of every customer can be a daunting task to overcome.

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UGC provides a great platform to understand precisely who your customers are and how they feel about your products and services. It's also a great way to find out what aspects your customers are upset with and how you can improve.


4. Cost-Effective Marketing

Coming up with creative content can be stressful, time-consuming, and costly. It can take hours to come up with witty and engaging content.


You save time and money when users create content for you. UGC helps your digital investment by allowing you to monitor what consumers talk about, the questions and concerns they have, and what topics they enjoy researching.


Whether your customer wants to build connections, share experiences, or win a free prize, their conversations will give you enough data to help you strategize.


5. Social Proof

Are you familiar with Coca-Cola's "Share a Coke" campaign? How about Lay's "Do Us A Flavor" competition? These promotions became some of the most famous campaigns in which large brands have relied on UGC. Another example of UGC is Amazon's implementation of user reviews on product listings.

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Back when Amazon first rolled out this feature, it was merely a perk to set it apart from other sites. Almost a decade later, consumers rely on and expect to look through reviews for any product that they purchase online.

Your main goal should be turning customers into advocates for your brand. How is your brand working to become more social, transparent, and engaging? User-generated content encourages customers to engage, promote, and share ideas about your products and services. What's better than free advertising?


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