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Teamwork Solutions in Lafayette, LA Wins Cajun Code Fest 2014

Teamwork Codefest 2014 Winners

The Cajun Code Fest is a 2 day event that teams compete in to produce their best solution to elderly people aging in place. We had 27 hours to create a complete solution.  Our concept, which we named "Care™", was a suite of tools of hardware and software that addresses this problem. Most seniors just need a little assistance with day to day activities to keep them living at home longer.

Our idea was to have a few pieces of hardware that would send data to a central area that doctors & family could accesses. For instance, sensors could be installed in the home to monitor patterns in gait so problems could be addressed before they happen. If a person is having knee problems monitors could detect that and alert their doctor or family.

Other data could be collected on blood pressure, heart rate and weight. That way a doctor has a huge amount of relevant info about the patient to make a more informed diagnosis.

There would be a central login for a doctor and family to review info about the person. Video chat is designed to be ultra simple for the patient and doctor. A doctor could video interview the patient with the mounted touch screen monitor in the home saving doctor trips. A family member could easily check in on a loved one by simply logging in and enabling video chat.

 There were a lot of great teams that created great concepts. We feel we won by really focusing as a team. We all had specialized skills that we applied to this project. This is something we do for our clients everyday but it was new to do it all in 27 hours!

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This is the first time we entered and it was an awesome experience. We want to thank CBIT for putting this on and all the team members who worked double duty to create something unique!


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